Always The Oddball In The Pack

1960And a happy Monday to you all!

The Playhouse is not just for people who come from dysfunctional families.  No, we are an all-inclusive clubhouse for anyone who might be just a bit off-center.  How else could we explain the fact that I am the President of the Playhouse?

I have written often about being adopted.  For those of you who need a little background, I spent the first nine months of my life in nine different foster homes.  Evidently I had a month expiration date on me. J  I was finally adopted by Dale LeRoy Holland and Evelyn Josephine Holland (O’Dowd) who evidently did not hear about the nine month rule and for whatever reason (I suspect love) kept me as their son until they died.bills%20old%20photo%2012%20001

Being an adopted child is interesting to say the least.  First you have that whole “I don’t look like anyone else” thing to deal with.  Then you have that “I don’t act like anyone else” thing to deal with, and the “I don’t have the same emotional responses as anyone else” thing to also deal with.  If you had stopped by one of our family picnics back in the 1950’s and you were asked to pick out the adopted kid, you would have immediately pointed at me.  I was the one sitting under the tree reading a book while the rest of the family was drinking beer, laughing loudly and playing cards.  I had no interest in group activities.  I was the thinker while the rest of the family was comprised of doers.  I was the shy one while everyone else was gregarious.

There is nothing “wrong” with any of that.  It’s just the way it was, a sort of isolated existence that carried into my adult years…..just a little bit different.  While in grade school (a Catholic school I might add) I was the one questioning why only Catholics went to heaven.  I was the one suspended in eighth grade for starting a petition demanding that the church help disabled veterans.  At a job I had while going to college I was the one who organized the workers to form a union of sorts and demand better working conditions….which of course led to me not having a job.  I was the only member of my family who was against the Vietnam War, and I was the only one who thought that voting according to party was stupid. Oh, how my dad, a lifelong Democrat, loved that. LOLcropped-being-silly.jpg

The point of all this is that there are many of us out there who don’t quite fit in.  Adopted or not, I have quite a few “brothers and sisters of the odd” who understand what I’m talking about.  It took me a very long time to realize that there is nothing wrong with being different.  In fact, there are many things right about it, for how boring would the world be if we all came out of the same cookie cutter?

Long live the oddballs of the world!



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A simple man who has found happiness as a functioning dysfunctional.
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8 Responses to Always The Oddball In The Pack

  1. Seriously, what’s ‘normal’ anymore? I think we used to have cookie cutter shapes for all people to fit in but now…it’s a big mixed bag and we’re all O.K.! Lol

  2. Eddy Jones says:

    I love your honesty Billy and this draws me out even further myself. When a little girl I had a very big dream ad that was that a man and woman would arrive at my house and say to my ‘parents’ that they were indeed my true parents and they were going to take me home with them. Needless to say this never happened and I was also that oddball . I didn’t feel right in large crowds and while many of my age would meet at the newly opened milk bar I would be exploring every nook and cranny of our countryside with my Lassie by my side.
    I loved books and I loved writing ; when I got well into my teens I rebelled and became a feisty individual ;however to be such did not feel right. I just thought that people were noticing me and looked at me with new respect( sadly it was not so!!)
    I continued as the wild child until I met and set up home with the local tough guy and heavy drinker who was twice my age and from the moment I found out I was pregnant with my first child I changed overnight and that was the end f the Wild chid forevermore.
    I feel that this blog is going to be popular; yes so very successful so keep them, coming Billy my dear friend.

  3. Billybuc says:

    Eddy, thank you for sharing part of your story. Oh, the things we do to ourselves….how very exhausting….how very silly…and how very necessary in order for us to finally find happiness. Yes indeed, I think this blog will have a little something for many people to relate to.

    Thank you my dear friend.


  4. Totally not normal and I truly embrace it!! But seriously, can relate and happy I can, because I think anyone who says they can’t is just full of BS! Happy Monday my friend! 🙂

  5. I always considered myself the black sheep of my family. I was the rebel. I was the loner. I was the big pretender. I questioned the nuns (that wasn’t appreciated at all!). I was one of the girls who questioned why girls couldn’t be alter boys and rallied up a group of girls who actually became the first alter girls to serve mass in our parish. I was the one who refused my parents generous offer to go to college. I was the one who, in my mother’s words, would argue with a barn door if I painted it myself.

    I’m also the one who wore many hats as a young adult and the one who has the most inner strength. I adapt. I’m tenacious. I admit my mistakes and learn from them. I am an odd ball because I’ve never gone with the flow.

    And proud of it! 🙂

  6. Billybuc says:

    And proud of it you should be, Sha! We are small in number but powerful in the lessons we share. 🙂

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