Justin Bieber Belongs In The Dysfunctional Playhouse

cropped-being-silly.jpgHappy Thursday to you all!

Okay, let’s get right to it.  Am I the only one who is a little bit tired of Justin Bieber and his antics?  There is a nineteen year old who badly needs a spanking.  I saw his father was in attendance during his drag racing stunt that got him arrested…..welcome to the dysfunctional playhouse!

Then I saw a fascinating article online today. It seems a petition was started that garnered over 103,000 signatures.  Because it reached that goal the petition must be turned over to the White House for the President to look at.  What was the petition you ask?

It was a formal declaration by people stating that they think Bieber should be deported back to Canada because he is endangering lives and is a poor role model for the youth of today.

Welcome to the dysfunctional playhouse!

Where do I begin?  Okay, I’m not a big Bieber fan. I think the kid is a train wreck waiting to happen. I don’t know him personally of course, but what I see on the media puts him low on my list of people I would like to meet.


A petition to have him deported? My goodness, the President better get busy, because if obnoxious behavior, poor judgment and endangering lives is the criteria for deportation, then the border guards better get ready for a mass exodus from this country.  Also, the same people who signed that petition….I wonder if they ever got drunk or high on pot? I wonder if they ever drag-raced down a street? I know I have….I’m willing to bet they have too.

Here’s the thing: I hate hypocrisy.  Just because someone is a celebrity doesn’t mean the same rules don’t apply to them.  Do I like Bieber? Not at all!  Do I think he should be judged differently simply because he is a celebrity?  Not at all!

Just trying to make sure equal rights for all means equal rights for all. J



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A simple man who has found happiness as a functioning dysfunctional.
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17 Responses to Justin Bieber Belongs In The Dysfunctional Playhouse

  1. susanzutautas says:

    I’m with you on this one Bill. I’ve never been too fond of the Bieb myself.

  2. My girls were fans of his but even they see the craziness on his part thank goodness!

    I think all the movie stars and musicians that start out as kids have a hard time making it to adulthood without big issues.

  3. Not a fan of Justin Bieber, but myself, but seriously think our government has better things to do that worry about deporting this kid. So, couldn’t yet again agree with you more. Have a great day once again Bill! 🙂

  4. ruchira says:

    i say send him back to canada..lol

    we already have many such jerks around here..lol

  5. Now I know why my neighbor came home from work the other day mumbling about Justin Bieber. My neighbor is a huge NASCAR fan. I’m assuming the two relate. Yeah, I agree with you Bill. What’s that saying about glass houses?

    • Billybuc says:

      Glass houses for sure, Sha, and I’m tired of dealing with hypocrisy. Look in the mirror and then think about pointing fingers at others. 🙂 Thanks dear friend.

  6. Clear-eyed Sky says:

    Deporting someone for acting like a typical spoiled American teenager? LOL I think it would take about 30 seconds to find something more important to concern ourselves with.

    As far as needing a spanking goes, I was just saying the same thing last week. Except I’m vulgar, so I said he needed a serious ass-kicking. Start forming a neat and orderly line–hey, that would make a great fund-raiser: people could pay to slap the snot out of JB. Genius! Hahah!

  7. Lea Tartanian says:

    Bill, if you google ‘Justin Bieber’s mother’ you will find that she is a Christian, and she raised Justin to be one…back when he first became famous, he sang in this movie “Never Say Never” and was hailed as a wonderful Christian influence for teens. Now all that is in the toilet.

    I feel the same way about Miley Cyrus. She is just as pathetic, and if I see one more picture of her tongue sticking out and Miley riding that wrecking ball, I will vomit.
    Both she and Justin are headed for the bottom of the pit. These young people get so famous they don’t know what else to do their millions that they just start acting like jerks.
    This is just another notch in the coffin of “Christianity” …I have been a Christian for years and it is just shameful. No wonder there are so many atheists, agnostic and Christian haters out there.
    Regardless, we all have choices in life, and along with that comes responsibility and consequences.

    Thank you for speaking up! Keep talking! God bless, Lea Tartanian/aka Sparklea 🙂

    • Billybuc says:

      Lea, you just mentioned another one I’d like to spank….well, that doesn’t sound good considering she is a woman, but you know what I mean. I hate seeing youngsters acting like that as part of their image…..well, I guess I need to concern myself with something i actually have control over. 🙂 Blessings my friend.

  8. Lea Tartanian says:

    PS: It is also on the internet that Justin Bieber’s mother is asking people to pray for Justin at this time. Lea Tartanian

  9. Oh, Bill S.O.S.! Disfunctional won’t ever solve dysfunctional, – let’s disregard the
    ‘ white house ‘ as matter of fact. Oh, the people direct their petition where the ” Phone” and a “pen” having magical gaudery ?!. To judge a subject or to look at the core of the controversy, we have to look into abyssal complex of spiritual force holding grip over human spirit via- like it or not- a Rock music. The kid sold his conscience to fame and lost the ability to discern right and wrong.(From an earlier quote “These young people get so famous they don’t know what else to do their millions they just start acting like jerks.”) When news broke first, it was said a kid was at the club throwing thousands of $ at the women’s naked bodies a l o n g with his father ! Any “spanking ” won’t do much good unless a person is delivered from a demonic control . Justin’s mother points to this need when asking for ” prayers ‘. She was first to notice the talent of her son by the Creator, because singing and music is one of the area where human soul and spirit gets nourishment. Tragically for human race, this power of music is know to the former “master” of the heavenly music -Lucifer before his fall- now in perverted version in the same capacity he controls hosts of uniform seeking souls .He invented Rock music as a liturgical lead of satan-worshipers-religion and the rest goes with it ,- not only killing in a 800.000 $ car- racing…

    • Billybuc says:

      Michael my friend, thank you for your summation. Too much money, too little guidance, hopefully not too late to save. It’s amazing what money will do to a person when they have no spiritual or moral path to follow. I do know this boy is lost for now; hopefully he will find his way back. Thank you for your thoughts.

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