Dysfunction At The Grocery Store

cropped-being-silly.jpgAnd a very Happy Wednesday to you all.  It’s chilly here in Olympia and we might just get our first real snow of the winter on Saturday.  Crossing my fingers that it happens. I need to get out and do some snowshoeing soon or I’ll got nutso….but then I’m in the dysfunctional playhouse, so nutso is a very normal reaction here. J

What shall we talk about today?

Oh heck, let’s talk about GMO food.  Now I’m sure you’re asking yourself what that has to do with dysfunctional behavior, aren’t you?  Well hang in there; I promise to make the connection.

By now we all know about genetically modified food, right?  And hopefully everyone is aware that GMO food is bad for us, right?  I mean, the scientific data is piling up and it all points to some rather disturbing problems with the products being made by Monsanto and others; is there anyone who still believes that GMO food is good for our health?

So that leads me to this question: if we know it is bad for us, then why do we buy it?  The number one answer to that question seems to be an economic one; GMO food is cheaper than organic food, and Lord knows price is important.  But isn’t our health more important?

If a person has a little child, and it has been proven that the food one feeds that child is harmful, then isn’t it an act of dysfunction to continue to feed that food to the child?  What am I missing here?  How can anyone justify feeding poison to their child simply because it is cheaper than healthy food?

There really is no justification for it; there are only unanswered questions.



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14 Responses to Dysfunction At The Grocery Store

  1. I have no answers on this and try my best to feed my kids healthy foods, but yes have heard the justification of it being cheaper and sadly it is this economy that doesn’t help once ounce on this, but still I do try to make sure my kids get the best even if it means I go without, because that is what a parent does and as such will keep doing for my girls. Thanks Bill and wishing you a great day yet again.

    • Billybucb says:

      Janine, I have no doubt you do the right thing with your kids…that’s the problem with posts like this one…they don’t reach the people who need to read them. 🙂 Thank you for always being here.

  2. Bill that is a pet peeve of mine! I won’t even buy grated cheese anymore because they use some floury chemical all over it just to keep it from sticking together! No thanks…and people wonder why we are facing a cancer epidemic? Hmmmm

    • Billybucb says:

      Kelly, I guess there are still some people who are not aware of the dangers, but for those who were…what possible justification can be made? Cancer? Oh yes my friend…..thank you Kelly.

  3. You hit the nail on the head, Bill. If we know it’s bad for us why do we opt for price rather than quality?

    • Billybucb says:

      Sha, I certainly don’t have an answer for that question. I marvel at how some people try to justify it….reality check…they are eating poison! Period! Thanks my dear.

  4. ruchira says:

    good pointers raised and I try to be as aware as possible when buying stuff..

    thanks again for the reminder, bill

  5. That’s a good question, Bill. I ask myself that question a lot. Yesterday, I listened to a spokeswoman who was all for producing GMO foods. She was selling the virtues of enhanced corn. I heard her say (as if it was a good thing), “This is not your momma’s corn!” No kidding! I say no to GMO!

    • Billybucb says:

      Marlene, that line is amazing….no, it definitely is not my momma’s corn…and my grandparents grew corn in Iowa….they would be shocked by today’s produce. No to GMO…catchy slogan. 🙂 Thank you Marlene!

  6. I think a lot more people would avoid GMOs if they were aware that what they are eating contains them. Monsanto knows this, that’s why they fight so hard against labeling. I’m sure I get GMOs in some of the things that I eat, even though I try to avoid them. We can try our best to not poison our children, but the powers that be are continually working against us. It’s a crappy situation.

    • Billybucb says:

      Lizzy, your first sentence is a very true; I wonder how anyone alive right now could not know about GMOs? Have they been living under a rock? Still, the fact that we are raising awareness about it means the conversations continue, and that is always a good thing. Thanks, Lizzy; I know you are doing your part.

  7. susanzutautas says:

    I was reading an article the other day that said even when you buy organic there’s still a chance that it’s been contaminated with GMO’s. How sad is that. Here’s a a little piece of what the article said:
    “Buy food labeled 100% organic. The US and Canadian governments do not allow manufacturers to label something 100% organic if that food has been genetically modified or been fed genetically modified feed. You may find that organic food is more expensive and different in appearance from conventional products.
    Also, just because something says “organic” on it does not mean that it does not contain GMs. In fact, it can still contain up to 30% GMs, so be sure the labels say 100% organic.”

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