Lack of Meaningful Communication Is Making Us All Strangers

cropped-being-silly.jpgHappy Friday!  We made it, so get ready to kick back and relax this weekend. You deserve it!

You know, I could write this blog every single day. There is no shortage of things to write about. I just log on and go to Yahoo news and the next story is just waiting for me.

I read an article about Shailene Woodley, the star in the upcoming movie “Divergent.”  In the article, the 22-year old star mentioned that she does not own a cell phone.  She explains:

“By not owning a cell phone, she is learning to develop her communication skills, and to be more personal with people.  There is….a bigger lack of camaraderie and community than there’s ever been.”

Wow!   This comes from a 22-year old actress who is worth millions…she wants to develop her communication skills and learn to increase a sense of community.


And you know what? She’s dead on with her statement.  We are slowly losing community in this nation.  People seem to be afraid to speak to strangers.  Rarely do you even see people make eye contact on the sidewalk.  Try it and see what I mean. Walk downtown and see how many people actually look at you as you pass by….not many at all.

How many people have computers as their main form of communication?  Texting seems to have replaced actual phone calls. We don’t even hear a human voice any longer while communicating.

Dysfunctional? I don’t know if I’d go that far, but it concerns me.

Have a great weekend and if you feel like it, give me a call. I’d love to hear your voice…..and yes, I’ll give you my phone number….Sha can verify that it is real.   360-878-1757



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19 Responses to Lack of Meaningful Communication Is Making Us All Strangers

  1. Seriously couldn’t love you more if I tried and adding your number here was so you and made me smile. Happy Weekend now and hope you enjoy 🙂

  2. Yes, it is real and it works! You’ll even get a living, breathing Bill Holland on the other end of the line. As busy as he is, Bill is never too busy for his friends.

    Feel free to call me and chew me out, Bill, if you do nothing but answer the phone today. 🙂

  3. Larry says:

    I must admit to owning a cell phone. It is though some 12 years old and was given to me as a birthday present. Only 3 people have the number, my two children and my wife. It’s used only in emergencies or when on trips and needing to locate people or to get directions. Indeed my daughter gives me a hard time because I forget my own number. She has told me “dad think of it as a communicator” and yourself as Mr. Spock on Start Trek. Heck I still use a #2 pencil and yellow legal pad when writing to close friends. I may not be a new-luddite but I’m getting close some would argue.. Ah yes the lost art of actually talking with a fellow human being. Once again will done my friend. Have a great and most beautiful weekend.

    • Billybuc says:

      Larry, I didn’t own a cell phone until five years ago…and I received endless grief because of it. I love that only three people have your number….no wonder I respect and like you. LOL Have an extraordinary weekend buddy and thank you.

  4. susanzutautas says:

    It’s so true that we are losing our communication skills. We have a family business and we advertise on a site called Kijiji. Anyways it’s really funny because people would rather sit and text back and forth than pick up a phone and talk one on one. We provide our office number in the add and yet people still insist on texting. We answer their texts by saying if you’d like to set up an appointment for a quote please call. It gets very frustrating. It’s almost like they’re afraid to communicate via anything but texting.

    • Billybuc says:

      LOL…Susan, I run into the same thing. Emails or texts but no phone calls. What is up with that? I don’t know if I’ll ever understand it, and not surprisingly nobody has called me yet because of this blog posting. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend without snow.

  5. I apologize in advance for the 3am drunk dials.

  6. Oh Bill, seems as ages ago, yes, it was in first half of the past century when people walking on the street were greeting each other, making eye contact , kids were instructed to greet everybody first – basis for communication. . . ” Call me ” works well ; let me hear your voice we do practice within our family and friends- ‘ don’t text me if you want an answer…This is where my brain stops.

    • Billybuc says:

      Michael, it does seem ages ago, but in fact it was our generation and not some ancient event….and I think society desperately needs that to return…and now my brain has stopped as it is too late for me to be on here. Have a wonderful weekend my friend and thank you.

  7. yes, i agree Bill
    We are losing the ability to talk and just text…sad state!

    On the other hand I feel we avoid the loose talk and come to the point while texting…but alas it is going to the other extent.

    • Billybuc says:

      In theory, Ruchira, texting is wonderful…but it has replaced real conversation and I think that is wrong. I hope we turn the tide soon. Thank you and have a great weekend.

  8. Really Bill…dead right. I am so concerned about where the English language is going with Text lingo and FB and …well hell I’m afraid my kids won’t know how to spell whole words!!

  9. I promise not to call you at 1 am. 😉
    Just stopping in. 5 weeks. Then I get my life back. Still working on papers, lesson plans, evaluations, report cards…grants are done. But communication: ya know, we don’t have a landline here at the house – the phone company doesn’t have lines coming to the house, so we have cell phones. But, this actually reminds me that I need to be better about actually calling people. You know…I try to call everyone in CO once a week, but…I’m just not a phone person. I DO prefer face-to-face communication. Especially because I’m tied to a computer every day for hours when I am not teaching. 😛
    Always good to see ya.

    • Billybuc says:

      Cyndi, I much prefer face to face….the phone has never been my favorite instrument, but compared to texting the phone looks like heaven to me. LOL All is well here my friend. Just got done doing the first gardening of the year. Felt wonderful.


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