Sex Trafficking Cannot Be Ignored

cropped-being-silly.jpgIt is a $39 billion industry worldwide.

One million children are forced into sex slavery each and every year.

It is happening in every major city in the United States daily.

It is, of course, sex trafficking, and it a growth industry that shows no signs of decline.

It goes something like this:

Your teenage daughter goes to the Mall to meet some friends.  There she meets a young man and they start up a conversation.  He gains her trust and they meet several more times.  Eventually she agrees to accompany him to his home, but once there things go terribly wrong.  She is drugged and she is immediately transported to another city, where she is continually drugged and forced to commit sexual acts for pay.  It continues until she is finally used up and then she is discarded like so much garbage.

A year ago I did an article about the problem of sex trafficking in Portland, Oregon, a city that is currently number two in the nation for sex trafficking volume.  The city of Portland at that time had one full-time police detective working on those crimes.


St. Louis, by the way, is number one in the nation, followed closely by Chicago and Cleveland.

Friends, this will only stop if an outcry of mammoth proportions is heard in every City Hall in this country.  This is a local problem; it will not be solved by politicians in Washington D.C.  It is up to each of us to do our part.

You can begin by sharing this blog.  I don’t ask you to do that to further my career as a writer. You know better than that.  I ask you to do it because this sickness must end, and it is up to each of us to step up and end this sickness.

Will you join me?



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13 Responses to Sex Trafficking Cannot Be Ignored

  1. Mari says:

    It rips my heart apart when you hear of children who are even younger being traded around like baseball cards. I have such a hate for people who do that. I’m getting riled up now, but you are right. The awareness must be obvious and more people should speak up against these horrible crimes.

  2. As the mom of two small girls, I just get so upset even thinking about this and am totally with you on this. Have tweeted and Facebooked, too. Thank you Bill for sharing with us and will totally pass it on now as I said.

  3. Consider it done my friend. Sharing and spreading the word.

  4. I’ve also done articles on this topic…I once read an article that suggests the Midwest is the pipeline of sex trafficking. So awful! And we COULD stop it!!

    They had a beg meeting about here her in the Lou a couple of weeks ago…I was seriously annoyed because they’d don’t TELL anyone about the damn meeting until THAT day. I would be nice if they are truly making an effort to stop this…if they do let the public know about these things.

    Great job Bill! I’m so glad to see this problem in the highlighted section.

    • Billybuc says:

      Thank you Kelly! Cities like Portland and St. Louis need to increase their police staff to attack this problem, but they will not do it unless the citizens demand it….so we must raise awareness. Thank you for doing your part.

  5. Stephanie says:

    Shared!! Great work, Bill!

  6. The saddest part for flourishing this activity is reticence of numerous eminent social groups – you know what I mean. Shared

  7. gosh! just reading gave me the creeps.
    Those girls go through it…will share it across with the hopes of some changes!

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